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Bull Dawg Muskie Lure Review

The Bull Dawg by Musky Innovations© LLC is a 100% soft plastic lure. It is balanced with a jig head so it swims down at a 45º angle on the fall and swims horizontal on the retrieve. The Bull Dawg can be used as a crankbait, jerkbait or a jig. It is one of the most versatile lures on the market today. When retrieved, it rocks back and forth as the curly tail waves frantically, a combination that drives large gamefish crazy. The Bull Dawg literally comes alive in the water and feels so real that fish grab it and won't let go.

The Bull Dawg comes in three sizes - 12" Magnum, 9" Regular and 6" Spring (see photo) - for all large gamefish and all fishing situations. The Bull Dawg can be counted down at about 1 foot per second allowing you to put the bait in the fishes face at any depth.

How to fish the BullDawg:

Fish the Bull Dawg with a slow, medium, or very fast retrieve while twitching and jerking over weeds, on weed edges, and on or around structure. When fishing at night, cast the Bull Dawg in similar areas that you would during the day and add a Bull Dawg Teaser for extra vibration. This allows the fish to hone in on the Bull Dawg. Crank the bait back to the boat with a slow, steady retrieve. Since fish often inhale the lure without a fierce strike, you will feel only a subtle bump when the fish hits the lure. When you feel this bump, set the hook and hang on!

Bull Dawg User Review

No one has talked more trash about these lures over the years than me. I hated the very idea of them. I grew up musky fishing with crankbaits, and the thought of using a giant rubber lure just sounded stupid. I ate my words the other day. I was in a Musky Tournament, threw on the one bulldawg I got from a friend, 10 casts later I caught a 41 3/4 inch musky which was good enough to get me and my partner 9th place in the tournament. These lures do work. Im ordering my first few right now and Im always going to have one in my tackle box.

The Bulldawg Muskie Lure Features

  • 100% soft plastic lure with balanced head
  • Swims down at a 45° angle on the fall
  • Swims horizontally on the retrieve
  • Large curly tail give it enticing action
  • The Bull Dawg is a 100% soft-plastic lure with a balanced head that makes it swim down at a 45° angle on the fall and horizontally on the retrieve.
  • The curly tail rocks the bait back and forth on the retrieve creating a motion that drives the big ones mad. This is a highly versatile bait that you’ll need in your musky arsenal this year. Per each.
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