Musky Buster Top Walker Lure Review

I've spent some time with top water muskie lures in the past. The Top Walker from Musky Buster has a few characteristics that makes it an ideal candidate for easy musky top water fishing.

Coming in two sizes and in six color combinations, the Top Walker has plenty of options for attracting musky. The front floating plug is pierced with a fin for no-miss, aggressive spinning action on retrieve. The back end of these lures come with bucktail and dual treble hooks to add an exiting pulse to the retrieve.

As I mention in the opening line, this lure has a very nice "easy-to-use" character to it which seperates it from other top-water muskie lures. A nice compact single joint lure that casts and reacts well. Additionally, this lure resists the tendency to hook itself throughout your day - meaning less stopping to unhook moments - and more casting opportunities. This lure always pops up to the surface with a minimal quick tug and gives you whatever amount of commotion you want to put into it. I usually kept mine in the medium-retrieve speed range and saw the best action there. One more positive I experienced is the ability to pull it through light weed surface cover - so long as you keep it moving, it's gonna keep coming.

Aside from not hooking a muskie during the two hour test I gave this lure the only other downside I saw was variety in retrive. You basically have control over speed and that's it. Unlike the suicks or dog walking lures, the Top Walker is either "on" or "off" not much more you can do with it. So if you're a fan of not-thinking about your retrieve and just covering water - this is the lure for you.

For my review I used the 11" 1.7oz Black/Chart variety of the Top Walker by Musky Buster.

More information on the Top Walker can be found on their website

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