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The figure-8, does it work, is it worth it?

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Never seen anything come back after figure-8-ing myself and my arm to death. Any other opinions on the matter? Is it worth it?

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Yessir, it never seems like it will pay off until it does!

Then you'll know it was worth it.

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Not the full motion- however, I often run a ha;f figure 8... at least that way, I know if there's something watching it...

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I'd agree with fishndoo - the full figure 8 seems to be a bit of a waste of time to me - however, you do want to do something. I tend to just do a simple "J" - at least that way I know if there's a muskie following or not.

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I try to teach everyone that casts for musky in my boat a "proper" figure eight. Most people go through the motions without really grasping what is happening during a figure eight. First of all anyone that says a figure eight or an oval at the end of every cast is a waste of time needs to go back to panfishing. I guide in Southeastern WI and in 2008 and 2009 nearly two thirds of our fish that hit during casting hit in the eight. Of those 20% never showed until the eight or oval was completed for one or more revolutions. There was a couple of guys that did an experiment with extended figure eighting, one guy would figure eight the entire time his partner would retreive then switch as the next went into the eight. They were amazed at the number of fish that blindly hit in the eight seemingly coming out of nowhere. If you are not ever seeing fish coming late in a figure eight then you need to concentrate on doing a more appealing figure eight with more depth and speed changes incorperated. Just my opinion....but I'm right. John

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