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I admit, if I'm lucky I'll fish about 6 times per season, that being said, I don't have the means (or the rationale for my wife) of buying expensive musky gear. For example, my first musky rod was a 7'6 rod that I accidently broke last season - my solution was to save Cabela's gift cards like crazy and then make the pilgrimage to the nearest Cabela's with 3 kids in tow to buy (and dream) about new equipment...

I am the classic internet consumer, I probably spend more time looking at musky equipment online rather than using it (if this is you, raise your hand) and I walked into Cabela's with the knowledge of what I wanted, down to the model number:

Shimano CompreĀ® Muskie Casting Rods

* IM8 graphite blanks with Fuji reel seats
* Shaped, Grade A cork handles
* Fuji New Concept Hardloy guides
* Carboloy tip top is extremely durable

So there I was with one eye on the musky rods and one eye on my kids making sure they didn't stick their fingers into the open bins with exposed hooks. I select the rod, make sure the cork looks in good condition, feel satisfied with my decision, gather my kids and head for the checkout...wait a second...I pass a small stand of carbon that has the sign, $39.99 - yes $40 for the cabelas brand musky rod, on sale. I was not ready for this dilemma, I had spend HOURS finding, selecting, researching, double checking, & searching internet reviews to come up with the Shimano Compre rod (I think it was even featured in Field and Stream a couple months ago) and I couldn't do it, I couldn't in good conscience pass up the deal - I could buy 2.5 new rods for the one Shimano rod I had in my cold, paralytic hand. For some reason this didn't make sense to me, this wasn't how it was suppose to happen...there wasn't the triumphal ride home feeling good about the purchase with ideal vision of me in a boat, with my brand new rod - just feeling good that I had THE tool that would catch musky. Instead I had to console myself with the fact that the musky don't care if you fish with a $100 rod or a $40 rod. I also convinced myself that as soon as I catch a musky (or two) I won't care about the equipment, I'm in it for the fish. (Right?) So my question is this (because I haven't landed a musky yet with the rod) did I make the right decision? Should I have chosen beauty over budget, or am I just a married guy with four kids, a mortgage, and a dream of fishing on the Professional Musky Tour who really shouldn't be spending his kid's college tuition? (I will have you know that I did, in fact pick up 3 new 9" suick's and a couple of spoons with the balance - and that did feel good)

Let me know your thoughts-


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