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There are two aspects to a muskies range:
North American Muskie Range
muskie range map showing where musky live within the united states and canada
  1. Where muskies are found
  2. Muskie range in its own waters

Where muskies are found:

Muskies close cousin, the northern pike, can be found in lakes and rivers all over the world. But the muskies natural range is only a thin slice of North America. From the great lakes to the north Mississippi river and headwaters, and then northwards into central Ontario. However, thanks to fantastic introduction processes muskies can be found west in Colorodo, east in the Delaware River, and as far south as Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri. Muskies can inhabit a wide variety of waters within this range. Large lakes such as the great lakes to tiny streams and a host of lakes and rivers in between. Muskies can exist in deep clear water lakes or in stained, shallow lakes, small shallow streams, or massive rivers like the Mississippi.

How far a muskie will roam in its own waters:

Muskies are rare and are a low density species like most top predators. Even on the best muskie waters, muskies are a rare fish to see in comparison to most other species. In the natural muskie waters a population density of 0.25 muskies per acre of water is high. The muskie will generally follow a route between a few select feeding spots from shallow to structure to open water and meander through these spots waiting and watching for opportunities to feed. These conditions are what make this species so hard to catch, and such a joy when we do.