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Muskies spawn from mid-April to late May - when the water temperatures reach between 50 and 60 degrees. The male and female muskies usually seek shallow bays with firm bottoms, and swim side by side over several hundred yards of shoreline while shedding eggs and milt (sperm).

Females lay between 20,000 and 180,000 eggs, with larger females producing the larger amount of eggs. Spawning usually lasts less then one week and when over - the adults leave the area to rest and recuperate. Muskies return to the same area each year to spawn.

The clear, amber muskie eggs wait about two weeks before they hatch into young muskie fry. These muskie fry move immediately to weedy cover areas where they will be safer from predators and also more able to find food. Muskie fry tend to eat zooplankton for the first few days after they are hatched, after this they start eating fish.

Age (years)Length (inches) Weight (pounds)
1 12 .8
2 18.4 1.4
4 23.1 5.8
7 34.5 11.8
9 41.6 21.3
12 43 25

Muskie growth:

The first few years of a muskies life is spent growing. After hatching, the muskie grows seven to thirteen inches by the end of the first summer alone. Male muskies reach maturity at about four to five years of age at which time they are generally 28 - 31 inches long. Females reach maturity at about five to seven years and at 30 - 36 inches.

Muskies life span:

The average muskie lives to be between eight and ten years old, however older muskies have been caught, some as old as 20 years.