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For anyone who strives to become a better muskie fisherman or just to understand the species better. Learning more about the muskie is one of the proper steps to become familiar with this mysterious monster fish.

No freshwater fish is surround by as much mystery, curiosity, and myth as the muskie or muskellunge. Perhaps it is because of their rarity - after all - how often do you see a muskie compared to the frequency of spotting a bass or bluegill? Or perhaps it is the sheer size of the muskie that makes them so mythical. In the not so distant path, muskie as long as 9 feet and weighing close to 100 pounds have been reported. Whichever the case, these myths and legends add to the overall mysterious romance surrounding the muskie but they do the muskie fisherman no favors in learning how this fish operates.

Understanding the muskie, how it feeds, where and how it moves, where it lives, and why it does so are the keys to understanding how to locate these monsters, and ultimately - how to catch them.

The following section begins to unravel the habits, tendencies, and life cycle of the muskie. Reading through these pages will provide the beginner a better understanding of how this fish lives and in turn how to find them.