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Musky are creatures of habit and therefor have tendencies that us muskie fishermen can follow. This comes into play in a major way when discussing muskie feeding and catchability during different weather conditions. While there are numerous conditions and lake environments that can come into play that effect the techniques a muskie fisherman should use, we will discuss some of the basics surrounding muskie fishing in different weather.

Falling Barometer:

It is a certainty to most muskie fishermen that a falling barometer means that sooner or later a muskie fishing window is going to open. It also means that poorer weather is on its way in. While the perfect numbers on the barometer can differ depending on who you ask, in general a negatively moving barometer between 30:00 and 29:80 is a good time to try muskie fishing. Likewise, many muskie fishermen will claim that the reverse and of course right after that front pushes through is the worst time to fish for muskie.

Cold Front:

When a cold front pushes through air pressures change, skies and weather change, and it adds to the overall environment changing for the muskie and the fish they feed on. Many times the fish and muskie will go into a state of inactiveness shortly after a cold front pushes through until a new front approaches or the weather pattern stabilizes. If you're looking for muskie during these times try darker waters and rivers instead of clear lakes. Slow down your retrieves and fish closer to the bottom of the lake or near rock piles and structure. Additionally, a cold front will often have a cooling effect on the water as temperatures are usually lower, midday fishing might work out better here then it normally does.

Warm Fronts:

As the warm front approaches the air pressure changes and muskie and other fish can sense this. A feeding window will often open for a number of reasons. Biologsts claim that the air bladder inside the fish can sense the change in air pressure and cause them to feed. Others claim that a warm front is associated with stormy weather which means wind and churning waves. Whatever the reason the effects are certain. Stormy, windy, darker weather means smaller baitfish are more likely to move higher in the water and be more active as they feed themselves. Surface and shallow lures work well here and fast retrieves are recommended as the baitfish and muskie are in an active feeding pattern. If the storms start flaring up and lighting and thunder hit - get off the water. Fish generally won't bite as much here anyway as they may move to deeper, stable waters and you become a nice lightning conductor with that fishing rod in your hands.

Stationary Fronts:

Generally speaking, this is anytime after or before a front pushes through and it can be a good time to fish. Muskie like most other fish return to normal during these times as they notice the pressures and weather stabilizing and conditions become comfortable for them.


A windy day, or better yet, a series of steady windy days can be a muskie fisherman's best friend. When winds blow consistently in the same direction for longer spans this has a tendency to push the "life" in the water towards the windblown side of the lake. It has a congregating effect on the muskies prey and therefor brings the muskie in after it. Wind has another positive effect in that it disturbs the surface of the water and creates a lower visibility for muskie. This allows muskie fishermen to use surface lures and other lures which muskie may be a bit more skeptical of under normal conditions.

Clouds and rain:

Clouds and rain for muskie fishing can be excellent. Muskie are a light sensitive fish. Morning and night fishing is said to be great muskie fishing time and a lot of this has to do with light. When clouds and rain are present, this also means there is less light penetrating the water which brings more muskie into active feeding behaviors. Additionally, wind is often present as well pushing the life into a smaller, condensed area. Muskie surface lures and low divers can work great at this time.