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Fishing for muskie on clear lakes is a common situation for many muskie fishermen. That being the case, we could just say it's business as usual when muskie fishing when all other considerations for weather, season, and time of day are accounted for. However, to understand the main differences between clear and non-clear (dirty, muddy, stained, etc) water muskie fishing you'll need to understand muskie predation.

When sight is unobstructed for the hunting muskie by dirt, cleanliness or light, the muskie is a very sight reliant hunter. That being the case, presentation is key. Don't bother using lures which use unnatural colors - the muskie will see that and be much less likely to strike. Additionally, life-like action is a major concern here. Lure speed, noise, and maneuvers must be as natural as possible to help that muskie believe it's real. While we can reel slower and steady on dirty lakes, on clear lakes the muskie can see the lure from much greater distances and needs no help catching it. Keep those natural bait movements and speeds as realistic as possible to give yourself the best chance at a strike.