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Muskie fishing on stained or dark, murky water lakes can be tough. However, there are a number of knowledgeable muskie fishermen who think these stained waters offer better then average muskie catches if you know what you're doing.

Muskie can and do live very well in murky, stained waters. The muskie do however have different feeding and predation habits in these dark lakes. Here are a few tricks and tips to remember when fishing for these dark water muskie.

muskie sight in dirty water


Muskie utilize their sight as a major sense when locating and attacking prey. Lakes with darker water tend to cut down on the muskie's visibility. For this reason many muskie fishermen on dark water lakes like to use lures which offer a better chance for the muskie to find them. Try using lures with brighter colors, orange, yellows, fluorescent, and reds mixed with whites can work well here as can flashy spinners.

muskie use sound in dirty, stained water


In addition to using a bait that is more visible, give those muskies some help by using lures that create a sound. Whether it be popping, splashing, or rattles, any lure that can emit a sound can help muskie find it and hone in on it. Good examples of high sound and water disturbance lures are topwaters, rattling crankbaits, or large-bladded spinnerbaits.

muskie use vibration to hunt in dirty water


Yet again, one more helpful tactic to let those muskie use their other senses when hunting. Vibration offers another useful sense that the muskies can use to find your lure. Spinners and bucktails can offer a great vibration while plowing through the water.

use steady reeling for muskie in dirty water

Steady reeling:

While on clear lakes, this tactic may be the kiss of death, on dark lakes, muskie may need some help keeping that lures path steady. Instead of jerking, random movements, try a steady reeling process - this will put that lure exactly where the muskie expects it to be when he gets there.

muskie hunt in daylight more in dirty, stained water


Dark water and stained, murky water muskie often use the high daylight hours to do their hunting. Use this to your advantage when targeting these muskie. This combined with the correct lures can have wonderful results.