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When fishing for muskie there are any number of variations and adjustmetns one can make that determine the outcome of that day's success. However, one of the primary choices every muskie angler needs to make is their lure selection and when fishing for muskie - this is no easy task.

Water temperature, water color, weather conditions, environment, lake size, lake characteristics, season, and time of day are just the basics that can effect your choice of muskie lure. Patience is a virtue with muskie fishing - even if all seems perfect in your choice of lures, one could spend hours and even days throwing the wrong lure out and seeing no action. As most avid and experienced muskie fishermen will tell you, it takes time to learn what to use and when to use it.

Following are general classifications of the muskie lures available along with their characteristics and benefits. We can't necessarily guarantee muskie action - but we can do our best to educate you on what types of lures you should keep in your box.